About Our Blends

All District Spice blends are made in Washington, DC, and contain no salt, no anti-caking agents, and no preservatives.  Full ingredient lists and pictures can be found on the District Spice blends page.

— BBQ: Now you can get that simple, delicious BBQ chip taste in a spice blend! Make your own BBQ fries and chips at home, or use this as a meat rub or in a spread or dip.

Heat: Mild

— Chesapeake: This classic Maryland flavor goes great with all seafood dishes. Try sprinkling it over shrimp before grilling, or even in your mashed potatoes!

Heat: Medium

— Chili Dust: Made with nine different chilies and peppers, this is the perfect way to add a flavorful, smoky complexity to your dishes, but without a ton of heat.  Great in your chili, as a rub, and in eggs!

Heat: Mild

— Congressional Grilling: District Spice’s sugar-free BBQ blend, for all your grilling needs!

Heat: Mild

— Creole: A delicious way to bring a bit of the bayou to your kitchen. In addition to a variety of Cajun dishes, this blend goes great in eggs, broths, dips, and spreads.

Heat: Hot

— Currying Favor: District Spice’s take on curry uses Serrano pepper for heat and flavor with exceptional results. You can use it to make a fantastic curry sauce, or even as a meat rub.

Heat: Mild

— Gyro: This blend has all the flavors of a traditional Greek seasoning, and goes perfectly with all meats, from lamb, to chicken, to fish. Additionally, it is a great compliment to a variety of grilled vegetables, as well as in soups and sauces.

Heat: None

— Hand in the Cookie Jar: This is a savory dessert spice, which goes great on sugar cookies, in pancake batter, and cooked into oatmeal.

Heat: None

— Jamaican Jerk: A delicious savory profile, combined with the delectable heat and flavors from genuine Scotch bonnet pepper, with just a hint of sweet. It’s District Spice’s tribute to the wonderful Caribbean culinary style.

Heat: Hot

— Memphis BBQ: The smoky and complex flavor of this blend pairs beautifully with a wide variety of red and white meats, but also goes great in a big pot of chili.

Heat: Mild

— Montreal: Get ready to enjoy the classic Montreal flavor–without all the salt–on steak, in burgers, chicken, pork, and fish. The garlicky, peppery flavor is also great with roasted vegetables.

Heat: Mild

— Nice & Naughty: This blend is sweet and savory, with a nice kick at the end. It’s great for sprinkling over bone-in, skin on chicken thighs prior to baking; the bit of brown sugar caramelizes beautifully. It’s also a great addition to freshly made French fries or chips.

Heat: Medium

— Plov: The national dish of Uzbekistan, plov is a lamb and rice pilaf with an unlimited number of variants. This flavor is very centered—being neither spicy nor sweet—making it easy to incorporate into several dishes of your own. Try cooking into your rice, stewing with chicken, or mixing with yogurt and tossing with pasta.

Heat: None

— Pork Barrel: The sage and hot smoked paprika base of this blend is a perfect compliment to all you BBQ needs. See the Recipes section of the District Spice website to find out how to make our amazing Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce.

Heat: Medium

— Poultry: This sage/thyme/marjoram based blend creates a classic flavor, and is fit for all of your bird-cooking needs.

Heat: None

— Pumpkin Spice: District Spice’s take on this classic flavor resulted in a bold blend, which is a fantastic addition to fall beverages, pumpkin dessert dips, oatmeal, and almost anything else that goes with cinnamon.

Heat: None

— Ranch: This blend was designed to give you a quick, healthy way to create a fresh homemade dip. It can also be used on chicken or fish, and gives a succinct answer to the question “what does a ‘ranch’ taste like?”

Heat: None

— SouthWest: A great way to enjoy a south of the border flavor. This versatile blend goes great in rice and beans, will zip up your guacamole, and spice up your eggs. It will also compliment a variety of meats and stews.

Heat: Medium High

— Sriracha: The cayenne and Serrano base creates a pleasantly powerful heat, while the tang of sumac, sweet brown sugar, and savory garlic combine to give this blend that famous Sriracha flavor.

Heat: Extra Hot

— Taco/Taco Heat: Craving Tex-Mex? Our Taco and Taco Heat blends will hit the spot! Enjoy with both meat and vegetarian-based proteins, as well as in dips and other Latin-inspired dishes.

            Heat: Mild/Hot

— Tuscan/Tuscan Heat: This blend is a tribute to the timeless Italian flavors we love. One of our most versatile blends, it can be used to prepare just about everything—meats, pasta sauces, breads, meatballs, roasted vegetables, and more.

Heat: None/Mild

— Za’atar: The Lebanese style of this classic Middle East blend is heavy on the sumac, and goes great in your hummus, in olive oil with balsamic vinegar as a dip, baked on chicken, or even sprinkled over your salad.

Heat: None


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