About Us

Dear Fellow Cooks and Food Enthusiasts,

I grew up cooking, but my passion for it really took off after graduating college while living on my own. My favorite restaurant in Newport Beach, California, serves a signature dish of jumbo gulf shrimp in a Cajun-spiced seafood broth. I decided I would recreate it at home, and was happy to find a Creole seasoning in my local grocery store. Back at home in the kitchen, I opened the opaque envelope containing the blend, and, as I poured what turned out to be white powder into the pan, I realized this Creole “seasoning” was little more than mildly flavored salt. Knowing I could do it better, I challenged myself to create a salt-free Creole that would honor the great, bold flavor of this classic spice blend.

A few years later, for our first date, I brought Carolyn to my kitchen, and sat her at the counter with a glass of wine. We talked and laughed while I made from scratch a Cajun chicken soup using my own Creole spice blend. I later moved to be with her in Washington, DC, and we married in June 2014. Carolyn shares my passion for cooking and good food, so we decided to open a business to share the many wonderful salt-free spice blends and recipes we created over our years together, and District Spice was launched in November 2014. Do not be deceived—we use salt, and love what salt can do for a dish! However, it is not an ingredient that needs to be included in your spice blend. Please enjoy our spices, try our recipes, experiment with your own, and always remember to salt it your way.

Nate Shettler Blodgett

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